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Solar Electric Library & Buyers Guides

This section contains all of our solar information files, downloads, specification sheets, and informational buyers guides.

Solar Electric (PV) Panels Specification Sheets (PDF)

Includes dozens of downloadable specification sheets in Adobe PDF format for solar electric (photovoltaic) panels. Includes a few obsolete ones for reference.
Downloads and PDF Files Other than PV panels Includes 100's of downloadable specification sheets, design guides, "how to" files and much more. All PDF files except solar panels are here.
System Installation, Mounting and Wiring How and where to mount panels and other equipment and how to wire them up. Various types of mounts. Lightning protection. System design and sizing considerations. Solar insolation maps. Economics of solar.
Solar Water Pumping Tons of stuff on water pumping, typical systems, how to choose and design your pump or solar water pumping system.
Batteries and Battery Chargers Our world famous deep cycle battery guide and much more. Also battery chargers.
Inverters - Stand Alone and Grid Tie What inverters do and what is best for your application.
Solar Water Pumping Guides, pictures, and a hippo - Oh My!
Hardware, Wire, Cable, Miscellaneous Wire types, tables, other stuff.
Wind Generators Wind generators, not much here
Links - other places to visit Mostly links to other solar energy information sites, but also a few useful weird things that we have picked up along the way.
News & Miscellaneous Stuff News, editorials, non-solar stuff.
USS Greenlet (ASR-10) pages.
Protecting Your Solar Panels How to reduce the chances of theft, vandalism, and damage to your solar panels and system components.
Getting Rid of Radio Noise From Lights & Controllers