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DC to AC Inverters

For backup, remote power, RV's, grid tie and inverter accessories

This section gives a brief rundown on all the various brands, types, and models of DC to AC inverters. We will have downloadable specification sheets up for all inverters as soon as possible.

An inverter changes the DC voltage in your batteries into the AC needed to run most household type appliances, lights and tools. Inverters sizes are specified in WATTS or KVA (kilo-volt amperes), and range from 50 watts up to 11,000 or more, with the most popular in the 500 to 4000 watt range. Most smaller inverters run off of 12 volts DC, but many of the larger ones are designed 24 or 48 volts. A few are also available in odd voltages, such as 32, 66, and 120 volts DC. Many grid tie inverters run at high input voltages, up to 600 volts DC.

We carry a wide variety of inverters from several different manufacturers.

We carry the following brands and types of inverters:

  • Xantrex
  • Outback Power
  • Fronius
  • SMA Americas (Sunnyboy)
  • Magnum
  • PV Powered
  • Samlex
  • Magnum Energy

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